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    Boston, MA, 2115, United States
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    B.S. Architecture

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    In-State Undergrad: $41,686
    Out-of-State Undergrad: $41,686
    In-State Graduate: $30,642
    Out-of-State Graduate: $30,642
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Northeastern University

School of Architecture


Northeastern University is located in the heart of Boston, one of the country's oldest and most architecturally rich cities. The University is one of the largest in the region, and a national leader in co-operative education, or the formal linkage of academic and practical learning. The School of Architecture encourages students to take advantage of related courses in the College of Arts and Sciences, the Center for Urban and Regional Policy, College of Engineering, and the College of Business.

School Philosophy

The School of Architecture at Northeastern focuses on urban building and its ramifications. The program seeks to bring the critical and inventive capabilities of the architect to bear on the real problems of contemporary cities; especially Boston. The School is home to a number of important outreach programs in urban housing, new urban school prototypes, mapping initiatives, and new urban design strategies for post-industrial sites. The mission of the School of Architecture assumes architecture to be the context of civic life, and seeks opportunities for public imagery in an increasingly privatized urban landscape.


The undergraduate program is by far the largest part of Northeastern's School of Architecture. It offers a preprofessional Bachelor of Science degree (B.S. Arch.), but is also the prerequisite for the one-year professional Master's degree program (M.Arch.). It is a five year program that includes four years of academic study and two six-month periods of professional work periodically inserted into the curriculum. Students begin their studies directly in the School of Architecture with related courses in the core curriculum within the College of Arts and Sciences, and their relationship with that college remains throughout their education. Design Studio work begins with a strong foundation in both manual and digital representation, followed by design studios dealing with urban types and basic composition in urban settings. The history sequences includes a full-year survey course covering world architecture and is followed by more detailed courses in 19th and 20th century architecture and urbanism. Upper-level studios address urban design, the challenges of building in cities and suburbs, housing, and tectonics. Computer technology is introduced at very beginning of the curriculum along with the basics of drawing and thinking about architectural topics. Building technology courses are coordinated with the sequence of design studios to create integration of design and building technology thinking.

of Focus
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  • Design/Build
  • History, Theory, Criticism
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