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  • Architecture Degrees

    Pre-professional Architecture Degrees (Undergraduate)

    B.S. Architectural Studies

    Professional Architecture Degrees (Graduate)

    Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
    M.Arch./M. Business Administration
    M.Arch./M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Construction Management)
    M.Arch./M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering (Structural Engineering)

    Post-professional or non-professional Architecture (Graduate)

    M.S. Architectural Studies
  • Tuition

    Undergrad Tuition – In State

    $11,500 - $16,500

    Undergrad Tuition – Out of State

    $26,500 - $31,500

    Graduate Tuition – In State

    $21,500 - $26,500

    Graduate Tuition – Out of State

    $31,500 - $36,500
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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

School of Architecture

Faculty and students in the Illinois School of Architecture approach society's challenges by searching for solutions at the intersection of research and design. Grounded in a legacy of educational excellence stretching back nearly 150 years, the school has grown to engage design, research, and instruction across a range of scales and in a number of interrelated areas, principally environmental stewardship, urbanization, building performance, fabrication, technological change, and health. With a curriculum that motivates achievement in design and technical rigor, the school's graduates are positioned to take leading roles in the profession of architecture and allied fields.


The Illinois School of Architecture is ideally positioned both intellectually and geographically as part of one of the world's preeminent research universities with a public mission, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Our university is a comprehensive institution offering undergraduate, graduate, and professional degrees in more than 150 fields of study. The campus community includes 32,000 undergraduate and 10,000 graduate students, with 12,000 faculty and staff members. Located at the center of Urbana and Champaign, in east-central Illinois, the University is 130 miles from Chicago and Indianapolis, and 180 miles from St. Louis. The School takes advantage of this central location using these three cities as laboratories for student explorations. During your time here, architecture students will use Temple Hoyne Buell Hall, the Architecture Building and the Architecture Annex, and beginning in the sophomore year each student is allotted a dedicated studio work space. All students have access to comprehensive fabrication facilities including a large scale 3-axis CNC router, a robotic arm, as well as a complete analog shop. Additionally, the Ricker Library for Art and Architecture contains over 120,000 volumes and is part of the largest American public university library with 15 million volumes in total.

School Philosophy

At Illinois, we believe that architects have a vital role to play in interpreting and determining the direction of society and the quality of everyday life through architectural interventions in the built environment which result from an interrogation of values, data, and culture. The School's curriculum is based upon this and the belief that great architecture is created at the intersection of creative inquiry and technical mastery. Thus, we provide a robust conceptual program of study that integrates design inquiry with coursework that lays a rigorous technical foundation, incorporating state-of-the-art research and reflects on the changing goals, beliefs, and resources of our world. The depth and breadth of our curriculum, along with courses available to you across campus, gives you an unparalleled combination of architectural knowledge and experience, enabling you to become a leader in a range of disciplinary specialties. Our comprehensive program of study, led by recognized experts in their respective specialties, prepares students to design and research in a rapidly changing global context. We value social, cultural, and intellectual diversity that underpins our vibrant and flourishing community and strive to be inclusive to all students seeking to study architecture.


At Illinois, we are an internationally recognized leader in educating future designers and scholars in architecture and allied fields. The degree programs available to our students include Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies (BSAS), Master of Architecture (M.Arch), Master of Science (M.S.), and PhD in Architecture. The Illinois School of Architecture is part of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, which also includes the departments of Landscape Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning, the School of Art and Design, the School of Music and the departments of Dance, and Theater. The Krannert Art Museum and the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts are also units of the college.

Undergraduate Program: The Illinois School of Architecture offers a four-year undergraduate pre-professional program of study which leads to the Bachelor of Science in Architectural Studies degree. This program balances general education content, which provides a broad intellectual base in the liberal arts and sciences, with professional architecture content. The comprehensive curriculum provides a solid foundation of architectural knowledge in the areas of design, building construction, structures, environment technology, and architectural history. The depth and breadth of coursework available in the School as well as across the college and campus make this degree unsurpassed in the state of Illinois and surrounding region. Architectural design studio is where general and professional knowledge are integrated, and students begin their design education in the second year and it is continued every semester thereafter.

Graduate Program: The Illinois School of Architecture offers an NAAB accredited two-year professional M.Arch. degree program for students holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture or its equivalent. The program nurtures future professionals through a comprehensive core curriculum which integrates technical coursework with design studios. This core curriculum is augmented by a wide selection of elective coursework available both within the School and across campus. Students learn to analyze complex environments and propose innovative design solutions to the world's most urgent problems. The M.Arch. 2+ graduate program enables students with diverse undergraduate backgrounds to work toward the NAAB-accredited Master of Architecture professional degree. The program varies in length, from two-and-a-half to four years, depending on the student's academic background. Upon completion of requisite undergraduate coursework, students follow the two-year Master of Architecture professional degree program of study. We invite graduate students to affiliate with faculty through the School's Program Areas which include Detail + Fabrication, Urbanism, Health + Well-being, and Building Performance. In addition, graduate coursework in architectural history and historic preservation are available. Joint degree opportunities exist that combine the M.Arch with Master's degrees in Urban and Regional Planning, Business Administration, and Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Advanced Graduate Degree Programs: The Illinois School of Architecture offers two non-NAAB-accredited graduate degree programs, the first leading to an M.S. (Master of Science) in Architectural Studies and the second leading to a PhD in Architecture. The M.S. and Ph.D. Programs are appropriate for those seeking careers in research and teaching or in roles in government or professional consultation, all of which require depth in specialization and experience in research.

of Focus

1. Art & Design
2. Design/Build
3. Digital Design & Visualization
4. Digital Fabrication & Technology
5. History | Theory | Criticism
6. Interior Design
7. Urbanism

Teaching / Research assistantships
Online Courses
Summer Program
Study Abroad
Large-format Printer
Laser Cutter
3D Printing
CNC Milling
Fabrication Lab
Robotics Lab

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