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    3801 West Temple Avenue, Building 7 Pomona, CA 91768
    United States
  • Architecture Degrees

    Professional Architecture Degrees (Undergraduate)

    Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

    Professional Architecture Degrees (Graduate)

    Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
  • Tuition

    Undergrad Tuition – In State

    $6,500 - $11,500

    Undergrad Tuition – Out of State

    $16,500 - $21,500

    Graduate Tuition – In State

    $6,500 - $11,500

    Graduate Tuition – Out of State

    $16,500 - $21,500
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  • School Deadlines
    Fall Quarter/Trimester
    B.Arch.:November 30; M.Arch.:January 15

California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Department of Architecture


The Department of Architecture is one of five departments within the College of Environmental Design. About 40% of the college's 1,600 students are in the Department of Architecture. The remaining students are divided between the departments of Art, Landscape Architecture, and Urban & Regional Planning. In addition to academic units, the college is organized with support units that include the Institute for International Studies, the Computer-Aided Instruction Laboratory, and the Student Affairs office.

School Philosophy

The College is dedicated to the pursuit of the design professions as a human imperative. Its programs are distinguished by a strong interdisciplinary course of instruction combined with a hands-on approach to the educational process. Excellence in design, enhanced by social and environmental concerns, is the basis of the curriculum as well as the measure of the faculty and programs. The College remains committed to the "learn by doing" polytechnic approach to education, which links theory to practice. Consequently, our graduates are recognized by business and industry for their superior preparation to enter the workforce.


The Bachelor of Architecture degree is a five-year program that is focused on the integration of knowledge based areas of the curriculum into the design studios. Courses in Architecture Theory and History, Human Behavior, Programming, Sustainability, Building Technology, Structures, Codes and Digital Media are closely coordinated with Design studio classes, and students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge of these areas in their design projects. The program is directed toward the realities of architectural practice and decision- making processes as they relate to the profession of architecture. The three-and-a-quarter year Master's of Architecture degree is very similar in focus to the Bachelor's program, but also offers students an opportunity to concentrate in Sustainability or Historic Preservation, areas in which our faculty has special expertise. It is the intention of the Department, which has a very diverse student body and faculty, to prepare individuals who will be able to make knowledgeable, thoughtful and socially responsible contributions to professional practice. The Bachelor's program is highly impacted; because of the large demand for the program, it is limited to California residents. The Master's is open to out-of-state residents including international students. In addition to the accredited degrees, the Department is offering a new post-professional Master's degree in which students can pursue advanced studies in Sustainability or Historic Preservation.

of Focus

1. Design/Build
2.Historic Preservation
3. Cross-Cultural Contexts > Human Experiences
4. Art & Design
5. Community Design

Cross-disciplinary experience
Study Abroad
24 Hour Workshop
Fabrication Lab

Transfer Policies

Cal Poly Pomona requires all transfers to complete the following by spring prior to fall enrollment or by summer for spring enrollment:
– Must be in good academic standing at the last institution attended.
– Must have minimum 2.00 GPA in transferable coursework.
– Must have at least minimum of 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter).
– 30 of the 60 semester units (45 quarter), must be in General Education.

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