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    B.S. Architecture

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    Ph.D. Architecture
    M.S. Architecture

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    M.S. Urban Design
  • Tuition
    In-State Undergrad: $10,650
    Out-of-State Undergrad: $29,954
    In-State Graduate: $13,716
    Out-of-State Graduate: $29,722
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    Undergraduate Admissions
    October 15 (Early Action)

    Undergraduate Admissions
    January 1

    Graduate Admissions
    December 15

Georgia Institute of Technology

School of Architecture

Working together in mutual respect, our faculty, students, and staff comprise a powerful community bound together by the highest ideals and expectations. We foster and celebrate individual achievement even as we pursue the power and potential of technology-driven design collaboration. Each team member is key to every fruitful collaboration and a co-beneficiary of a shared reward: individuals and teams succeeding together.


Architecture studies at Georgia Tech position you at the leading edge of an ongoing revolution in architectural practice. Embedded in one of the world's premiere technological universities, the School of Architecture leads and collaborates in a multi-disciplinary community of mutual interest—architects, planners, engineers, and scientific researchers creating elegant, sustainable solutions through design. We are inspired by the achievements of a noble art and motivated by the new possibilities that intersections among such diverse fields of expertise will allow.

Georgia Tech is centrally located in a thriving metropolitan area with a population of over six million. Atlanta is the crossroads of the south and is a business hub with the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies, many of whom are industry partners with the various colleges at Georgia Tech. Adjacent to our campus in Midtown is Tech Square, one of a growing number of Urban Innovation Districts where world-class universities are anchors to an collection of business incubators, start-ups and idea-accelerators driven by technology research. This context provides an enormous advantage to the School of Architecture by providing direct links to exciting forms of collaborative research and innovative practices.

School Philosophy

Across the spectrum of our undergraduate, professional, and doctoral programs, the School of Architecture at Georgia Tech brings design and research into a creative tension where innovation thrives. Thinking, designing, and making are co-extensive activities spanning across our classrooms, studios, labs, and in our new curriculum incubators. Students are exposed to the kinds of cutting-edge research, the new technologies and techniques that are redefining the field of architecture.

From your very first day at Georgia Tech, the undergraduate program in architecture helps you experience what it means to be creative. A unique blend of knowledge, of arts and science, of design and technology, is cemented through creative acts of making. And because the world we build can only be built together, we look across campus and around the world for every opportunity to invent new ways of collaborating, of designing across disciplines and boundaries.

In our professional and research-oriented graduate programs, students combine efforts with faculty as they press the possibilities of emerging design technologies. Each new project presents unique challenges: to question conventional assumptions about practice; to define new metrics of impact and performance. Considering all the competing priorities and parameters of design, the challenge is both to assemble the best tools for the job and to critically assess each project's margin of success.


Architecture at Georgia Tech is not your average, arts-based program. We are different because our students are part of one of the country's highest achieving student bodies. We welcome the influence of our peers in Engineering, Computing, Science and Humanities because it allows us to apply technology to Architecture in pioneering ways. Study abroad programs are tremendously important for Architecture students. We offer educationally and philanthropically beneficial study abroad programs such as "Design, Develop, Build," in South Africa, Fall Semester in Berlin and the Greece & Italy Summer program.

Bachelor of Science in Architecture
The B.S. Arch offers a rigorous and distinguished architectural education profile for our students around technology in all areas – design, history, theory, and communication. We build our academic foundation on studio classes, history of theory and a deliberate blend of technology and design. We offer incubator workshops to all our students, from freshmen through seniors, which allow them to follow their intellectual passions and hone in-demand skills. The experimentation in our classes reflects the evolution happening now in professional Architecture. This four-year, pre-professional degree prepares students for entry to the two-year Master of Architecture degree or work or study in related fields.

Master of Architecture
Georgia Tech offers the Master of Architecture (M. Arch.), a professional degree accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board. This curriculum is offered in two tracks, a 3-year track for those with prior undergraduate degrees in disciplines other than architecture or for those granted partial advanced standing; and a 2-year track for those with four-year, pre-professional degrees in architecture and receiving full advanced standing. The program actively recruits and accepts graduate students with a diversity of academic backgrounds. Students complete required coursework in areas of architectural history & theory, sustainable building technology, media & modeling, and professional practice of architecture. In addition, a rotating selection of skill-based short courses are available each semester as part of the School's curriculum incubator workshops.

Master of Science in Architecture
The MS. Arch degree provides students holding professional degrees in architecture (B. Arch or M. Arch) or with equivalent degrees in allied fields of design or engineering with research‐based knowledge that is applicable to the advancement of professional practice. The curriculum leverages the active research programs in the School of Architecture, including the work of both doctoral and professional-level students and the work of the High-Performance Building Lab, the Digital Building Lab and the SimTigrate Design Lab. Students admitted to the MS. Arch program work in one of five concentrations: (1) High Performance Buildings; (2) Design & Health; (3) Advanced Production; (4) Building Information & Systems; and (5) Design Computation.

Master of Science in Urban Design
The MSUD program is a post-professional degree for architects, landscape architects, city planners and civil engineers who want to practice as urban designers in private firms or public agencies. The rich interdisciplinary curriculum with required courses in architecture, urban design and planning also provides opportunities to take courses in environmental engineering, real estate development and heritage preservation and to address urban design issues in a variety of contexts internationally.

Doctor of Philosophy
The Doctor of Philosophy in Architecture Program at Georgia Tech is one of the largest and most robust Architecture Ph.D. programs in the United States with nearly 30 students in residence pursuing their Ph.D. coursework or completing their dissertation research. A diverse faculty of scholars and researchers advise students in one of four areas of specialization: Architecture, Culture and Behavior, Design Technology, History, Theory, Criticism, Urbanism.

of Focus
  • Art & Design
  • Building Technologies
  • Digital Design
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Graphics And Visualization
  • History, Theory, Criticism
  • Industry Collaborations
  • Materials And Construction
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