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    B.F.A. Interior Design


    B.F.A. Industrial Design

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    Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
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    $41,500 - $46,500

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Rochester Institute of Technology

Department of Architecture, Golisano Institute for Sustainability

The Master of Architecture Program in the Department of Architecture is designed for students with a broad range of interests and backgrounds who are interested in studying architecture at the graduate level, and includes those whose undergraduate degrees were in architecture but also were obtained in fields outside of architecture. The program's curriculum has been shaped by the global emphasis of sustainability, factors that impact urbanism, and the hands-on application of the principles of design and technology on materials and construction.


The RIT master of architecture program is available in a traditional on-campus setting or through a fully online format.

School Philosophy

Sustainability concerns are changing how we think about architecture. Buildings account for a large percentage of the world’s energy expenditures and carbon emissions, which has driven demand for more sustainable architecture. In RIT’s accredited master of architecture program, we’re moving sustainability forward to elevate the value of architectural design. As a student here, you’ll learn how to design with context and substance in areas such as positive energy, performance building, climate-responsive designs, passive resiliency, and more.


Our program offers foundation courses as well as more in-depth classes exploring integrated building systems, urban planning, industrial ecology, and more. You’ll also have the flexibility to choose electives in other subject areas based on your unique talents and career goals, such as business, engineering, energy, or additional design skills. Here are 8 areas that differentiate us from other schools.

1. Design matters: As a program emphasizing design, the program’s core education takes place in the studio. Our studio curriculum integrates construction technologies, material science, and mechanics into design.
2. Hands-on education: Expect a hands-on learning environment, working on real-world projects and utilizing our 75,000-square-foot, LEED Platinum-certified building to observe and test building efficiency. The City of Rochester and the western New York region also serve as an active learning environment for our students.
3. Work experience: A professional co-op will help you build your resume before you graduate. RIT’s cooperative education program lets you work in the field with local architects and present neighborhood improvement ideas to planning boards.
4. Global experience: Our global experience requirement lets you experience new cultures, settings, and contexts to expand your understanding of diverse architectural interests and needs.
5. STEM-designated: Our program is STEM-designated, which increases scholarship and research opportunities for students, and offers up to two additional years of work/study for international students.
6. NAAB-accredited: We’re one of the few master of architecture degree programs in the U.S. to be accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB)—that means you’re getting one of the best architecture educations in the country.
7. Thesis: Our thesis option allows you to integrate everything you learn into a comprehensive project. Past student theses include designs for an urban master plan for Rochester’s downtown, a net-zero or positive energy building, and a turbine system to harvest rainwater for energy.
8. On-campus or online: Our program is offered in both a traditional on-campus experience and through a 100% online setting.

of Focus

1. Sustainability & High Performance Build Enviroments
2. Building Technologies
3. Historic Preservation
4. Community Design
5. Resilience
6. Cross-Cultural Contexts > Human Experiences
7. Urbanism
8. Sustainability & High-Performance Built Environments

Co-Op / Work Placement
Cross-disciplinary experience
Teaching / Research assistantships
Online Courses
Study Abroad
24 Hour Workshop
Large-format Printer
Laser Cutter
3D Printing
CNC Milling
Fabrication Lab

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