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Roger Williams University

School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation


Roger Williams University is a co-educational liberal arts institution offering undergraduate, professional, graduate and continuing education programs. The University's Core Values guide degree programs designed to encourage the development of critical and independent thought and a commitment to service, while preparing students for careers and lifelong learning. The faculty and coursework reflect an unusual combination of the elements and scale of a traditional liberal arts college, with professional and graduate degree programs in architecture, business, law, justice studies, education, public administration and construction management often found only in larger institutions. Transfer applications are encouraged.

School Philosophy

The School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation is a multidisciplinary community committed to balance between creation and conservation, aesthetic and technical pursuits, national and international perspectives, individual exploration and community involvement in a period of environmental challenges. We work to achieve this balance through a variety of teaching situations that engage students, faculty and those active in the field in close relationships. All courses are taught by faculty, with no teaching assistants. We serve a continuum of students in undergraduate and professional degree programs, High School Career Discovery, post-professional and continuing education opportunities. The School extends itself most fully by bringing people together around topics and works of international significance in public events, professional conferences, and community initiatives.


Architecture at Roger Williams focuses on the development of design solutions that operate in context at the scales of site, space and detail. We provide students with a strong sense of design, a balanced awareness of technology, history/theory, social, environmental and practice issues, and the breadth of a liberal arts education in the four year Bachelor of Science in Architecture + NAAB-accredited one and a half to two year Master of Architecture sequence. Architecture students pursue parallel Architecture and University Core Curriculum studies in the first 2-1/2 years, followed by an academic and portfolio review. Students are encouraged to assume increasing responsibility for the choice and direction of their inquiry and career path over time, and to expand their studies into various studio options and topical areas of study at advanced levels. Students are also encouraged to participate in semester-long off-campus learning opportunities in Florence and Summer Amsterdam or China programs. These provide meaningful contact with significant urban settings and cultural resources. Graduate studies focus on design excellence in studios led by prominent Visiting Faculty and Visiting Teaching Firms in Residence, complemented by advanced coursework that can be combined into internal concentrations within and beyond the school in Digital Media, Historic Preservation, Sustainable Design, Construction Management, and other areas. Students complete a graduate design thesis as a culminating experience.

of Focus

1. Design/Build
2. History | Theory | Criticism
3. Historic Preservation

Co-Op / Work Placement
Teaching / Research assistantships
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Transfer Policies

Welcome to RWU! Transfer students are an integral and influential part of our student body and we value the life and academic experience you bring to campus. Whether you are coming from a two-year or four-year school, from private or public, with a little or a lot of earned credit, we know that your needs will be different than entering first-year students. Regardless of the journey you have had so far, we’ll make your transition into RWU as seamless and smooth as possible.

If you have earned a high school diploma or GED and have subsequently enrolled in and/or completed one or more college-level course(s), you will be considered as a transfer applicant to the university. The admission process for transfer students is competitive and personalized.

While we consider your pre-college experience as part of the admission process, our primary focus is on your college-level achievement. The admission committee assesses all submitted materials to ensure that your academic preparation and experiences lend to a successful career at Roger Williams.

Transfer students bring their own unique perspective to our campus and classrooms. Your own college experiences add to the fabric of the larger Roger Williams experience; therefore, we seek students who want to bring their talents and abilities to RWU and do more than just “earn a degree” or learn one specific major.

For more information, click here: (https://www.rwu.edu/undergraduate/admission-aid/transfer-applicants)

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