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  • Address
    2624 Clifton Avenue Cincinnati, OH 45221-0016 United States
  • Architecture Degrees

    Pre-professional Architecture Degrees (Undergraduate)

    B.S. Architecture

    Other Related Disciplines (Undergraduate)

    B.S. Interior Design

    Professional Architecture Degrees (Graduate)

    Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)

    Post-professional or non-professional Architecture (Graduate)

    Ph.D. Architecture
    M.S. Architecture

    Other Related Disciplines (Graduate)

    M. Interior Design
  • Tuition

    Undergrad Tuition – In State

    $11,500 - $16,500

    Undergrad Tuition – Out of State

    $16,500 - $21,500

    Graduate Tuition – In State

    $16,500 - $21,500

    Graduate Tuition – Out of State

    $31,500 - $36,500
  • Full-Time Students

University of Cincinnati

The School of Architecture & Interior Design

The School of Architecture and Interior Design (SAID) at the University of Cincinnati prepares students for critical practice. Our students engage with the principles, traditions, and requirements of building in all its aspects, interior and exterior. Our goal is to advance the professions of Architecture and Interior Design by combining ethical judgment, creative research and technical proficiency in pursuit of excellence. We seek to nurture a life-long world view that recognizes the designer’s responsibility to the environment, society, and the profession. Students are encouraged to take risks with their design ideas, and develop the skills to communicate them.

The faculty and students of SAID strive to advance the discourse of environmental design, to respond effectively to change, and to integrate research with technical expertise.


The School of Architecture and Interior Design sits within the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning. DAAP is part of the larger University of Cincinnati, an R1 Research Institution with over 50,000 students.

School Philosophy

The School features a cooperative education model in which students are offered paid internships starting after the third semester of their undergraduate education. The connection back to the professions gives students a financial and professional advantage, helping in future job prospects and helping to pay for their education.


The School has multiple degree paths. There is a four year BSArch which prepares students for accredited degrees through the Masters of Architecture programs. The MArch program has two tracks, a three year and two year advanced placement option. The Masters program culminates in an independent thesis. Students are taught advanced building science methods in sustainable design and will also be engaged with large scale, urban development. Thesis topics range from advanced materials studies, urban futures, sustainable urban growth, and work with underrepresented communities.

of Focus

1. Art & Design
2. Urbanism
3. Digital Fabrication & Technology
4. Digital Design & Visualization
5. History | Theory | Criticism
6. Community Design
7. Design/Build
8. Interior Design

Co-Op / Work Placement
Cross-disciplinary experience
Teaching / Research assistantships
Summer Program
Study Abroad
Large-format Printer
Laser Cutter
3D Printing
CNC Milling
Fabrication Lab
Robotics Lab

Transfer Policies

Students who have earned a high school diploma or GED and have attended a college or university other than the University of Cincinnati since earning their high school credentials are Transfer Students.

Transfer students should apply using our transfer student online application.
Make sure you are staying on track to complete your application by using our transfer student application and deadlines information.
Learn how your college credits will transfer by scheduling an appointment with the Pathways Advising team.

Learn more here: (https://admissions.uc.edu/information/transfer.html)

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