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    Moscow, ID, 83844, United States
  • Architecture Degrees

    Undergraduate - Pre-Professional

    B.S. Architecture

    Graduate - Professional


    Graduate - Post-Professional

    M.S. Architecture
  • Tuition
    In-State Undergrad: $6,524
    Out-of-State Undergrad: $19,600
    In-State Graduate: $7,586
    Out-of-State Graduate: $20,662
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University of Idaho

College of Art and Architecture

The Architecture Program at the University of Idaho is part of the College of Art and Architecture, which is made-up of the allied disciplines of Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Virtual Technology and Design, and Art. The program values sustainability, social and cultural responsibility in design, and a collaborative, integrative and creative learning environment.


The University of Idaho has all the benefits of a land grant university with the feel of a small residential campus. Situated in the scenic rolling hills of the Palouse in Northern Idaho, the university and its host city of Moscow, which is listed in the One Hundred Best Small Arts Towns in America, provides a memorable place to nurture an interdisciplinary design education. Students enjoy low fees, small class sizes, internships in Boise, study-abroad opportunities, and a design/build program.

School Philosophy

The Architecture Program's core values celebrate design excellence centered in the poetic merging of art and architecture. This focus is enhanced by the faculty's commitment to, and emerging leadership in, crafting creative solutions to the pressing contextual challenges found in the built environment. Therein, we envision regenerative and inclusive designs that inspire, support, and sustain all users. Design studio is considered the heart of the professional program and is conceived as an incubator for investigation, a vehicle for community outreach, and crucible for the creative merging of the technical and speculative aspects of architecture. In this pursuit, the artifacts of making are seen to both sharpen students' critical thinking skills and become the means of communication and persuasion.


The Architecture Program at the University of Idaho has earned a widespread reputation for producing exceptional architects, uniquely equipped to tackle today's most challenging design problems. At the University of Idaho, this begins with students developing a comprehensive understanding of the role of architecture in shaping the built environment and influencing everyday experiences. Through classroom learning, design studios, and hands-on programs, a student will learn to: Ð Develop design ideas from a strong concept to a convincing architectural proposal, while integrating growing understandings of site, architecture history and theory, construction technologies, structures, and passive and active environmental control systems. Ð Tackle real-world design problems, especially in the areas of sustainability and community and urban design. Ð Refine design media skills including drawing, model-making and digital technologies. Ð Participate in internships and international study programs. Ð Collaborate with other majors in landscape architecture, interior design, virtual technology and design, art and bioregional planning to envision innovative solutions to complex problems. Ð Engage in leading architectural research.

of Focus
  • Art & Design
  • Community Design
  • Design/Build
  • Ecological Design
  • Graphics And Visualization
  • Materials And Construction
  • Resilience
  • Urbanism
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