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    201 Russell Building Winnipeg, MB R3T 2N2 Canada
  • Architecture Degrees

    Professional Architecture Degrees (Undergraduate)

    Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

    Other Related Disciplines (Undergraduate)

    B.F.A. Interior Design

    Professional Architecture Degrees (Graduate)

    Master of Architecture (M.Arch.)
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    Canadian Undergraduate In Province Tuition

    $1,500 - $6,500

    Canadian Undergraduate Out of Province Tuition

    $1,500 - $6,500

    Canadian Undergraduate International Student Tuition

    $11,500 - $16,500

    Canadian Graduate In Province Tuition

    $1,500 - $6,500

    Canadian Graduate Out of Province Tuition

    $1,500 - $6,500

    Canadian Graduate International Student Tuition

    $6,500 - $11,500
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University of Manitoba

Faculty of Architecture

To help students establish an intense and critical working method we structure our program around a diverse range of studios that are mostly driven by the research fascinations of the professors. Students are encouraged to take possession of the subject areas and develop their own basis for research. Where possible we make connections between the supporting courses and the studio. Acknowledging the way architecture gathers diverse practical and theoretical content we try not to be consumed by single issues, so while there are people undertaking groundbreaking work in the area of sustainability, for instance, their work tends to be framed by wider concerns.


Such descriptions are often filled with statements saying things like Winnipeg is a city in the centre of the continent with a population of 700,000 and all the associated vibrant cultural events such a size of city supports. While this is all true, Winnipeg's charms are much more subtle and often strange. As a consequence it attracts a community of creative and often eccentric people who construct a cultural life that is not only rather special but also distinct from the increasingly homogeneous cultural formulas found in most western cities.

School Philosophy

The Faculty is a consortium of five program of studies of Environmental Design, Interior Design, Architecture, City Planning and Landscape Architecture all interrelated and interdependent. The program is premised on the notion that the design professions share a common corpus of knowledge which forms the basis for the curriculum of the first two years of the program. The architecture department supports a diverse range of studio concerns for students to choose from (rather than having a school position). Each places great emphasis on students developing methods of research appropriate to their concerns and then finding an architectural resolution of this work. A lot of emphasis is placed on learning through discovery and exploration (even if such discoveries have been made before) as a profound and engaging way of making an education.


Undergraduate Program At undergraduate level, Environmental design students study two foundation years common to all disciplines (Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape and City Planning) before electing into the department of their choice for the final two years. Students with previous degrees in other subject areas can take the Pre- Master's route that runs in parallel to the final two years of the Environmental Design Architecture option to prepare for entry into the Master's Program. The design studio is at the core of both programs, with appropriate coursework related to studio projects. The studios are diverse research-based entities that last for the academic year that encourage students to develop an intense and critical relationship to the subject. Graduate Program The Master's program encourages well-supported individual research in the design studios with parallel enquiry into history, theory and technology through a rich seminar series.

of Focus

1. Building Technologies
2. Community Design
3. History | Theory | Criticism

Study Abroad
Laser Cutter
3D Printing
CNC Milling
Fabrication Lab

Transfer Policies

Applicants to the Master of Architecture Program must hold a four or five year undergraduate degree in one of the following: Architecture, Architectural Design, Architectural Science, Environmental Design-Architecture Option or the equivalent.

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