Study Architecture at Home: K-12 Resources for Educators and Families

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we recognize that many schools are moving to virtual learning options and parents are in need of additional educational resources for children across the globe. Your health and safety are the most important things during this difficult time. As learning continues for most students at home, Study would like to make sure students can continue to explore architecture from the safety of their workspace.

The StudyArchitecture American Houses Lesson Plan is a resource for middle and high schoolers interested in architecture. It was created for educators but can be easily adapted for parents to use with their children.  This resource includes 42 different residential American house types and can be stretched out as a month-and-a-half long “Individual Student Project.”

These details are explained in the Teacher Instructions.  It is self-paced and independent with the use of printed reference material or access to the internet.

Each page is labeled with a house type and a house style listed at the top. Students should look up the house style specified on each page and identify the architectural elements for each.

Study Architecture American Houses Lesson Plan



Download the Lesson Plan


Here is a shortlist of open-source glossaries that may be helpful:

Illustrated Architectural Dictionary

Glossary of Architectural Terms

Architecture Dictionary

Additionally, students can use the architectural features learned to complete the Design a Façade extension activity. Or use any time spent outside as an opportunity to hunt for architectural elements and house styles. 

Other resources: