8 Free Online Courses on Urbanism

Interested in Urbanism? Want to learn more about history, social justice, or urban water? Check out these online courses.


8 Free Online Courses on Urbanism

Interested in Urbanism? Want to supplement your degree? Check out these 8 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) on the subject of Urbanism, from urban water to the Global History of Architecture.

(via CityLab)

Back-to-school season can still induce a thrill, even if you’re not heading to the classroom armed with fresh supplies. If you want to know more about global architecture, civic ecology, or the American prison system, you can start with free online classes.

For aspiring theorists, designers, and grassroots urbanists, here are a few picks for a back-to-school courseload. Some are self-paced, some are archived, and some are starting this fall.


A Global History of Architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Quality of Life: Livability in Future Cities from ETH Zurich

Reclaiming Broken Places: Introduction to Civic Ecology from Cornell University

Vernacular Architecture of Asia: Tradition, Modernity and Cultural Sustainability from University of Hong Kong

Urban Water: Innovations for Sustainability from University of British Columbia

Social Work Practice: Advocating Social Justice and Change from University of Michigan

Incarceration’s Witnesses from Hamilton College

Sustainable Urban Development from Delft University of Technology & Wageningen University

If none of these quite fit the bill, you can always read some classics, or check out CityLab’s urban design syllabus with a focus on race and justice.

For more information about Architecture programs with “Urbanism” concentrations, check out “Where to Study” and search “Urbanism” under Area of Interest. See below!

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