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Scholarships & Opportunities

Are you thinking of applying to architecture school but would like to know more about financial opportunities? We have collected this information from every school on StudyArchitecture.com for easy reference. Academy of Art University https://architectureschooldaily.com/category/scholarships/ American University in Dubai http://www.aud.edu/admission/en/menu/31891/scholarships American University of Sharjah https://www.aus.edu/financial-grants-and-scholarships Andrews University https://www.andrews.edu/undergrad/finances/help/scholarships/ Arizona State University https://design.asu.edu/admissions/tuition-and-paying-college Auburn University http://cadc.auburn.edu/explore-cadc/admissions/scholarships […]

2018 Architecture Summer Programs

Are you interested in studying architecture? Looking for a summer program to prepare you for school? Listed below are over 100 unique programs from all across the globe. Find the summer program that is right for you. UNITED STATES NORTHEAST ACE Mentor Program – Allentown, PA http://www.greaterlehighvalleycsi.com/lets-build-camp.html July 9 – 13, 2018 (1 week) AIA […]

Curious What Students Are Making in Architecture School? Explore #imadethat.

Follow our #imadethat Instagram account @IMadeThat_to see what students are making in architecture school. Show us what you’re making, whether it’s a finished project or a sketch of your wildest idea. Use the hashtag #IMadeThat to share your work on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. #imadethat @anderson_jonathon ・・・ #WIP new Welcome Centre for #Ryerson Student Learning Centre #SLC #designbuild […]

Salaries in Architecture

<a href=’#’><img alt=’ARCHITECTURE SALARY ‘ src=’https://public.tableau.com/static/images/AI/AIASalaryGraphicforStudyArchitecture/ARCHITECTURESALARY/1_rss.png’ style=’border: none’ /></a>   Bi-annually, the American Institute of Architects publishes a Compensation Report that explores the various roles within an architecture firm and average salaries attached to them. Use the graphic above to get a brief description of each position and their respective salary. For a more in-depth […]

Career Days in Architecture

by Lee W. Waldrep, Ph.D., editor of ARCHCareers   Fall has just begun and while you may have already started researching your choice of college; how can you learn the details of an institution and its architecture program? One of the best ways is to attend one of the Career Days/College Fairs in architecture held […]

Want a job when you graduate? Major in Architecture.

(via USA Today)   Until college graduation, students spend their whole lives preparing for one thing: a job. Fortunately, unemployment among college graduates has been on the decline in the last decade, but many graduates still struggle to find well-paying jobs to start their new lives in the workforce. College graduates with a bachelor’s degree […]

Architecture Students Design, Fabricate and Install 100-foot-long Artwork for St. Louis Airport

Visit Washington University in St. Louis (via The Source) Over the last four months, eight students in the Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design at Washington University in St. Louis have digitally designed, modeled and constructed prototypes for “Spectroplexus,” a new, 100-foot-long public sculpture that is being commissioned by St. Louis Lambert International Airport. […]

Architecture Schools Designing in Virtual Reality

Visit University of Cincinnati by Jennifer H. Krivickas, DAAP Schools of Design & Art/College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) At the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP), future-forward faculty are exploring with virtual reality (VR) to conduct research, make, and teach. Consequently the DAAP Library invested in a collection […]

An Aspiring Architect Tells Us About Her Summer Program Experience

by Charlotte Wyman Hamilton College, Class of 2018 “The Discover Architecture program at the Illinois School of Architecture was a highly valuable experience for me. Encouraged by my employer, I took two weeks off from my summer position at an architectural firm in Chicago. Throughout the program, we were challenged to think creatively and abstractly, but […]

How to Select an Undergraduate Program

DEGREE TYPES When picking a school, there is an ideal match for everyone. Our goal is to help you find that match. First, find out if the school offers professional or preprofessional degrees. Professional degree at the undergraduate level is the Bachelors of Architecture, or the B.Arch. The B.Arch. is an accredited degree that typically takes 5 years […]